YSG- 618/52 H/AH

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YSG- 618/52 H/AH Seedtec Grinding Machine
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Capacity 618H , 618AH 52H , 52AH
Max. grinding (LxW) 500 x 150mm 550 x 220mm
Max. distance from table surface to spindle center line 400mm 400mm


Spindle & Wheel 618H, 618AH 52H, 52AH
Spindle motor 1.5 HP 2 HP
Spindle speed (50HZ/60HZ) 2850 / 3450 RPM 2850 / 3450 RPM
Grinding wheel outside diameter (50HZ/60HZ) 205mm / 180mm 205mm / 180mm
Grinding wheel bore 31.75mm 31.75mm

Optional Accessories

  • Permanent magnetic chuck (standard or decline type)
  • Grinding wheel balancing apparatus
  • Spare grinding wheel adaptor
  • Dust suction system
  • Coolant system
  • Coolant & dust suction system
  • Inverter
  • Digital read out for cross/ vertical movement
  • Micro feeder for cross movement
  • Micro feeder for vertical movement
  • Vertical rapid feed device
  • Radius dressing device
  • Angle dressing device
  • Punch former
  • Sine vise
  • Tool maker vise
  • Sine plate with permanent magnetic chuck
  • Hand dresser mounted on wheel head
  • Demagnetizer (for permanent magnetic chuck)
  • Automatic demagnetizing controller
  • Electro-magnetic chuck (standard or decline type)
  • Consistent temperature control for hydraulic system
  • Optical dresser with microscope
  • Coolant system C/W a magnetic dust separator
  • Coolant system with paper filter
  • Coolant system with paper filter C/W a magnetic dust separator
  • Dynamic balancer for grinding wheel
  • Powered conditioning tools for diamond & CBN wheel
  • Coolant & dust suction system C/W a magnetic dust separator
  • Splash guard unit
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